Island Girl (pukana_la) wrote in tampabaydogs,
Island Girl

Please make sure your dogs have some type of identification (tag, chip, tattoo, heck, all three) and are properly contained. Probably a good idea to neuter and spay as well. Especially if you own large dogs.

Animal Services brought us a rottie today, a gorgeous intact (not neutered) male. He was found roaming the streets with a female dog. The exact circumstances were not known, but supposedly this rottie charged for a police officer and the officer shot it in the face. The dog had no identification. The injuries were quite serious, but the dog could have been saved. Instead, we had to put the dog to sleep. What a waste.

Last week we had the same situation with a pitbull.

Rotties and pits are two of my favorite breeds. Neither of these dogs had to die.

My own rottie boy was once a street dog, not neutered. He could have been one of those dogs lying shot, dead, in a hospital freezer. Lucky for him a rescue group got to him first. Too bad every dog doesn't get that second chance.
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