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New member, coming soon to Tampa

*Your name? the-pixie
*Dog(s) name? Buttercup, although she goes by Goober as well
*Location? Indianapolis, but moving to Tampa in the next several months
*Dog(s) breed and age? They told us Husky/Shar Pei when we rescued her at 4 months old. Personally, I think she is more Husky/Golden Lab. She's now 2 and full of energy
*You and your dog's favorite place around Tampa? I can speculate that it will be something to do with wide open spaces, chasing things, or water
*Post a picture of your dog(s):

We recently had a HD crash that we're still trying to recover from (including all my photos), but here's a photo currently being hosted on-line that was highlighting a bathroom remodel that we were doing (and our sweetheart decided to pose for the picture as well)
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Buttercup, meet Mika. =)
Sorry I haven't been able to respond until now. I was sent away to India on business and just got back. Mika is beautiful! We actually know a husky up here in Indianapolis named Mika that Buttercup loves to play with whenever they happen to be at the dog park together. Do you take your Mika to the dog parks as well? Run her around the fitness trails? How do you take care of her reserve energy in Tampa?
Yes, we take her the dog park and occationally to one of the doggie beaches - she loves the water. We are over in Pinellas County/Clearwater Area. When I lived closer to the Pinellas Trail (a walking/biking trail that runs the length of the county), we would go for walks down it a lot. Now I have a nice fenced in backyard that she runs around in too (and of course the house).