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Now that we're going to be moving to Tampa...

...we're quite excited about the move to Tampa, although we're starting to do our reserach as well concerning dog friendly places. As we were geocaching the day before my husband's interview, we saw that there was at least one dog park located downtown Tampa (I believe it was in some type of cancer memorial park). Considering how much are Goober loves people and other animals, we were overjoyed to see that. We were also talking to a waitress and she said something about how some restaurants allow dogs (not just service dogs) into their restaurants. So, my loaded question for all of you is, being new, what can you tell me about how dog friendly Tampa and the surrounding cities are? Are there any locations to live at that you would recommend staying away from in terms of crime to animals? What's this about dogs being able to go into restaurants? Are there dog friendly events in Tampa and the surrounding areas? Any further information you can give us would be great! My husband is going to be moving there in the next several weeks to start his position and scope out the area... I'll be following with our "kids" (Buttercup and the 3 cats) once the house is sold.
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