Ghanima (liber_cogito) wrote in tampabaydogs,

Doberman in need of a home!

This adult male doberman was dumped behind my apartment building today. He looks to be about 4+ yrs old. A little gray in the muzzle and paws. HE IS NOT FIXED. He seems to be in good health, but he is underweight and he's obviously lead a hard life. He's missing a few teeth. He has shown NO aggression whatsoever towards adults. I DO NOT KNOW how he is with children or other animals. He seemed playful with another (much smaller dog) but they were not together long. I have not heard him growl at all. He allowed me to inspect his mouth, and to take away food without any aggression at all. My neighbor is keeping him at his place for now. We'd love to find him a forever home.

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If interested, please email me at delibercogito (at) gmail (dot) com
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