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Tampa Bay Corgi Meet

I'd like to invite anyone with a corgi (Pembroke or Cardigan) or anyone simply interested in meeting the breed in person to the monthly Meetup of the St. Petersburg Corgi meet. It has now developed into a Bay area meetup group, I will be planning events in Tampa starting January.

Our first of the month meet is Saturday, December 1st. More info on our meetup page!

Our last meet had almost 20 corgis at one point running around.

Corgis run the fence at the corgi meet! (It starts a few seconds in, after I follow the old man corgi around a bit). Isn't the best quality since I took it with my digicam intended for photos - still funny to see :)

Quite a herd!
A herd of corgis!

They will surround you!

Cardis need water too.

Lots of owners too!

Yay people to pet us!
Yay people to pet us!

Corgis on the fence
What doggies are on the other side?

One corgi sits on the bench
Some corgis will sit on the bench with you.

Pure joy
So happy! Pure corgi joy

It is a tri-color convention

Fence running
Corgis run along the fence

Equal opportunity petting!

Cardi does the frog pose
Pretty cardi relaxes

The herd!

Bernie Plays with the Cardi
Bernie plays with the cardi

Bernie and Norton
Bernie and Norton kiss. He's her new favorite boyfriend :)

Liz Gets Mobbed!
Liz (the meeting organizer) gets mobbed!

The aftermath
I had fun mom! Lets go again!

Spread the word around :) There will also be a holiday corgi meet on December 15th complete with gift exchange.
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