Melisa (ambr0sia) wrote in tampabaydogs,


A cute little dog is lost in our neighborhood. He is sooo adorable. He's a Pekingese Male, probably at least 5 years old. Neutered, clean, well mannered. Doesn't cry/whine. He's cuter than cute. Unfortunately, we can't keep him or even take him inside at all, because we have 2 very large VERY dog-agressive dogs.

I really need someone to keep him for a couple days until his owner calls. I walked around in the rain yesterday, putting up signs (in gallon ziploc bags), knocked on several doors, etc. and had NO luck. I took him to petsmart to get him out of the rain, found out he was micro-chipped. Unfortunately, that led to a dead end. The chip was never registered by the owner. Only the name of the Vet comes up with the chip number. I called that vet. They are in Plant City (we are in temple terrace). They cannot find records for that chip number. They said it was probably done several years ago and they are using a different type of chip now.

Please, someone help. Robin said he has to go to the pound, TODAY. :( :( :(
Hopefully it will only be temporary.

Here's a pic of his cuteness:


My phone number is 813-956-7172, please call if you can help or reply to this.


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