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New member, coming soon to Tampa

*Your name? the-pixie
*Dog(s) name? Buttercup, although she goes by Goober as well
*Location? Indianapolis, but moving to Tampa in the next several months
*Dog(s) breed and age? They told us Husky/Shar Pei when we rescued her at 4 months old. Personally, I think she is more Husky/Golden Lab. She's now 2 and full of energy
*You and your dog's favorite place around Tampa? I can speculate that it will be something to do with wide open spaces, chasing things, or water
*Post a picture of your dog(s):

We recently had a HD crash that we're still trying to recover from (including all my photos), but here's a photo currently being hosted on-line that was highlighting a bathroom remodel that we were doing (and our sweetheart decided to pose for the picture as well)
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